About Us

Solar Flare was founded by two teenage students who have a passion for math, science, education, and innovation. Mikayla and Shannon Diesch entered and won the Conrad Foundation Spirit of Innovation Award in the Space Nutrition Category in April 2010. In the competition they designed a nutrition bar for use by NASA on the Space Shuttle and on the International Space Station. Beside winning the competition they also won the People's Choice Award, meaning they had created an online video that earned them the most votes.

Since winning the competition the girls have been working nonstop to create a company that is socially conscious, and to turn their success into a sustainable platform to support education related causes. They believe that improving education especially in the science, technology, engineering, and math fields is imperative in order to stay competitive. That is why they have dedicated part of their business to STEM outreach.

Their bar, the STEM Bar, was specifically created for flight to the International Space Station as well as the promotion of STEM education across the nation. The bar flew to the ISS on STS-134 which was the final flight of the Space Shuttle Endeavor. Their other product, the Brainstorm Bar, a bar designed to keep you physically and mentally alert. They have found a method to encapsulate DHA, an Omega 3 long-chain fatty acid, in their bars. This bar will not only give you the physical energy to necessary for your daily activities, but it will also provide you with the mental endurance necessary