About Us

In 2009, two teenage sisters entered a high school competition to design a meal replacement for astronauts, launching a chain of events that would forever alter their paths. 

Our Story


After winning the Conrad Foundation Spirit of Innovation Awards in 2010 the sisters (Mikayla left, Shannon right) decided to take their product to the shelves. While traveling around the country and talking with educators and students alike about the importance of STEM education they worked closely with NASA to negotiate an agreement to send their bars to the International Space Station (ISS) in 2011. 

Our Mission

Solar Flare's mission is to create food products that are a unique fusion of natural ingredients, advanced technologies, and sustainable practices. The company products are aligned with the founders values with a strong focus on products that: 

  •  Are healthy, natural, high-tech and cutting edge
  •  Are environmentally and socially sustainable and responsible
  • Support educational causes, particularly those involving S.T.E.M education