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Solar Flare has developed a line of nutrition bars that provide not only the physical but the mental energy to get through the day. Designed to sustain astronauts during the rigor of space flight, our formula was kicked up a notch with the addition of DHA - known for its cognitive benefits - to ensure that every bite provides the energy you need.

Brainstorm - Cranberry Apple

Introducing the Brainstorm Bar by Solar Flare , a great tasting energy bar that will not only give you the physical energy of a meal but the mental endurance you need to get through your day.   We start with basic crunchy goodness from nature like toasted oats and crisp rice.  We then added great tastes with fruits & nuts like cranberries, apples and almonds. To finish it off, we kick it up a notch with some fresh honey and cinnamon.  The Brainstorm Bar is crunchy, chewy and delicious!  With 10 grams of quality protein in a 65g bar, the Brainstorm Bar will help keep your day right.  


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